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The Power of Youth

1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

We sometimes hear not-so-flattering remarks about the current youth culture. Not so! We are here to dispel that impression. Of course, in every generation, every single one, there are people whose behavior and attitude leave a bad impression for the whole. But overall, the impression we should have of our current youth is the exact opposite.

If this were not so, Scripture would not have included 1 Timothy 4:12. Nowhere close. In fact, it says to SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THE BELIEVERS! It does not include the age of believers, clearly saying "believers", which encompasses those of all ages. That is powerful. Just recently, a young adult I know and admire was told by an older believer to "come back and see him when he gathers some life experience." Clearly this person hasn't embraced this truth.

We had the absolute privilege of playing last night at Norwich University in Vermont. Not only a physically beautiful place, but beautiful in its collective welcoming of us, and beautiful in the culture of the youth believers on that campus. Our future military leaders, I might add. The future of this nation. The turnout was amazing, and we've been invited back for a couple of shows next year.

The youth that brought us there were incredible. Young college students, most of them broke, scraped together a small stipend for us, and in fact, were creative in doing so. They took the Scripture verse from where our name originates, and doubled the stipend! These students have no money! But they honored us greatly. So much so, that they wanted to provide our dinner. Very creatively and sacrificially, they went without meals to save enough of their meal credits to provide a wonderful dinner for us, as their guests.

The power of youth! We had a pretty large crowd last night, and all of them determined in their hearts that they wanted us there, committed to the task, and saw it through, by doing what they had to do, to make it work. We know God smiled at that.

Believers (and everyone) of all ages can learn from such commitment and passion. Instead of sitting from our elevated positions of "wisdom", we will do well to embrace intelligence, creativity, and true wisdom wherever we may find it. Young, old, or in between, God's children are all teachers. Some teach lessons we use to show us what NOT to do, and not to be, and others show us pure kindness, an ignited heart, and direction for the future. We are wise if we find and embrace wisdom, from wherever, and whomever it originates.

We are grateful for the hospitality, grace and encouragement of the multitude of students at Norwich University, who not only welcomed us, but embraced us, and taught us, with their servants' heart.

Powerful youth. Beautiful youth. May a blessing reside with you all, for being such a blessing to us. Let's all go out and try to emulate that standard. May we be the teachers of wisdom, looking first at our own hearts to understand how far we need to go, and then seeking out others who can help us get there, whether young or old.


Photo Cred: Alyssa Puig Photography and DGL Production (Dylan Levernoch) 

Additional Photos & Videos by DGL Production & Anthony Di Biase Photography 

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