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A New Path

Isaiah 30:21

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

A new year always brings a time of transition. Based upon the very nature of something being new, lies the necessity for something old to have either been removed, or displaced. And while a shiny new year can bring incredible encouragement and even excitement, it can also bring dread and fear. Especially for those in tenuous situations, a new year can bring concern.

At the beginning of this year, we as a band, are no different. We find ourselves professionally in a time of growth, and that breeds excitement. It also creates questions, which produce further paths to ponder. It is at the beginning of these very paths where we have an important decision to make. Will this path bring us closer to the God we serve, or will it bring us further away? All paths lead somewhere. So how do we discern which way to go, when to remain still, and when to take a leap of faith?

The good news is, Scripture has addressed not only these questions, but the concern and chaos that surround these questions. If we, as believers, are trying our best to serve God and to honor Him, do we not believe He will honor our attempts to do so? For some reason we think He will sabotage the very glory that is due Him, via our small efforts. Of course intellectually we know this isn't true, but sometimes it feels that way at the heart level.

Let me reassure us all, this is not the way of the God we love and serve. In fact, He says exactly the opposite in the scripture chosen above. To personalize this, just insert your name, or your band's name, or your company's name. "Right Hand Shade, whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." What a promise! But the power in the promise is energized when we actually take Him up on it. What a way to live!

While we have several very exciting things coming up, we would trade them all in a heartbeat if it meant dishonoring God. There would be no point. Any and all of the music we play and sing would be fruitless, pointless and lifeless without His blessing. Where we go and what we do is all driven by a commitment and a desire to serve Him and to share Him with others. The rest is nothingness. Meaningless. We are seeing in action the power in this promise above. He IS guiding us, every single step. And He desires to do the same for each of us personally. Because if we don't get it, and don't live it personally, how can we succeed corporately at following His voice? The answer is, we cannot.

Our prayer is that all of us begin this new year in a spirit of anticipation. God is on the move. And the amazing news is, He never travels alone! He always, always brings us along. In fact, He not only brings us along, but He allows us the incredible privilege of actually participating in His miracles, in His victories and doing life with Him!

But we have to continually bring and leave at the altar all of our doubts and our fears. If you know He is calling you in a particular direction, GO. Or stay, which is sometimes harder. Whatever He is calling you to do, obey. Not a word we like, but a word that brings life. Obey.

Please check out our upcoming events, and rejoice with us as our announcements are coming forth. First up was announced yesterday, that we are so blessed, and beyond pumped, to be making a record this spring with Darren Elder and Kevin Billingslea of The Halo Studio. This is beyond an incredible honor. Read up on them and you'll see what we mean. Stay tuned for our three other awesome announcements, forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, God bless you as you expectantly step into 2018. He's on the move, and bringing us along for the ride! And you too!


Photo Cred: Alyssa Puig Photography and DGL Production (Dylan Levernoch) 

Additional Photos & Videos by DGL Production & Anthony Di Biase Photography 

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