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The call to Investment

Our band has been busy this week purchasing much-needed equipment. And although this can be costly, it also significantly increases the quality of the music we are able to share with you. God speaks and moves through music with many people, and it is an investment we gladly make. Sowing into this ministry, as in any endeavor, requires that investment of time, energy and yes, money. But what if we are doing this only to increase ourselves? What if it is all about lining our pockets? Will we succeed? Actually, maybe we will. But we will not be a success. Succeeding, and being a success, can be two entirely different things. There are many people in this world who have succeeded in their chosen fields. Perhaps they are incredibly wealthy. Maybe they have the finest things money can buy. But being a success is a heart matter, not a bank account matter. Some of the finest people we will ever meet would not be who the world would consider success stories. Yet, they are. Because it all depends on perspective. Essentially, what we are looking for is what we will find. How we define success determines whether we, and others have achieved it in our eyes. And most importantly, have we achieved it in God's eyes? This is what we are striving to do. We are choosing to connect with you all, not just through our music, but through our lives. Step by step, day by day, we define success in a way that speaks to who we are, as a band, and as individuals. Our goal in everything we do is to define success God's way. To meet that goal, we must value what God values. And while God is certainly not against financial abundance, or against enjoying things we have in our lives, He is FOR us. So whatever is in our best interest as a person, is what God is after. It is the success He finds in our hearts that He is after. How do we treat other people? How do we think of others in the privacy of our own thoughts? Do we think of ourselves more highly than we should? Or, just as negative, do we think of ourselves as not worthy of love, acceptance, grace, dignity, etc. Are we succeeding in areas that are important to God, is the ultimate question. When we show Him our bank balance, He is not impressed. No success there. When we bend down to wipe a child's tears, He sees our heart. And He finds success. And He blesses and multiplies our endeavors because we are in His will. Whenever we bestow kindness on another, whenever we reach out to help someone who has no way to repay us, we are successful. And further, it is worth noting that sometimes when we are actually doing the things that God is glorified by, the world will not understand. People will consider it foolish. But that is when we are the most successful of all. So when you think that you are not a success, or when others are less than impressed, use God as your standard. Are your words and actions glorifying to Him? Adjust your thinking to this standard. You're not asking if your words and actions are glorifying to yourself, or to others. Only to Him. You will enjoy true success every time, by having God as your standard. Connect with us and let us know how we can pray for you, and how we can encourage you. If there is a particular topic you would like to see covered in our blog, drop a line. We're here to serve, and happy to do so. Please keep us in your prayers this week too, as we have a lot of exciting opportunities starting to bubble. If God is glorified, it's all good!


Photo Cred: Alyssa Puig Photography and DGL Production (Dylan Levernoch) 

Additional Photos & Videos by DGL Production & Anthony Di Biase Photography 

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