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The Right Hand Shade of God

The Shade at God's Right Hand

As a band, it is not lost on us the honor we have been given to sing of the Lord's goodness and to share our music. We are Right Hand Shade. There is a story behind our name. One that we hope will compel all who read this to pursue God, and to know that He is close. As close as your right hand, and the shade which falls upon it. A shade of protection, of love, and of faithfulness.

We see throughout Scripture that people were given names for a reason. A name is more than just an arrangement of letters that sound good. A name is a prophecy, a birthright, a claim to belong. It is precious, and to be protected and honored. Our name is as treasured. Our name, Right Hand Shade, comes from a place of closeness and protection. And of learning to allow ourselves to remain close to Him, and to be covered by His protection. This is not always easy to do, as we are flawed humans. But God, thankfully is perfect. It is His love that will never stop championing us, and His protection that will never cease to cover us. He is for us, always.

The right hand is symbolic because it is the hand that held the sword in battle. Considered to be the one most prepared for battle, it is the one which is often exposed to the harm resulting from that battle. And our loving and faithful God is aware of that harm, and aware of the pain we may experience in our lives. We can become battle-weary, but it is not in our strength that we continue. It is in the strength of the One who holds us in His strong right hand. Even if we are strong at times, we cannot, and should not, be strong all of the time. Because we enter into God's strength, and God's providence when we rest in Him. He allows us a place of safety and covering to retreat and to gather our strength to continue on. He allows us a place of rest and refuge to refresh and renew. And then He sends us out to rescue others.

He accomplishes all of this through His endless creativity. For some, He produces strength and encouragement through the written word. For others, it is through artistic flair, and for still others, it is through the healing gift of music. He has chosen the gift of music for us, and compelled us to share it with our brothers and sisters. We must sing. As we must breathe, so we must sing. Because Love never stops. The music never ends, and God will not allow it to. If we will not sing, others will. If we do not bring the message that God loves you, and has chosen you, and has called you by name, then others will.

You see, your name is just as important as our name. It is a calling, a gift, a claim to be staked and a blessing to receive. As you step forward into your life daily, remember that you serve and love a God who is near. One who is in relationship with you, and will never leave you, nor forsake you. If you stumble, He will hold on to you with His powerful right hand. He will not let you slip,nor fall.

We create music because God created us. We worship Him by offering our best back to him in the form of song. This is our calling. As you seek to live your life well, and to ultimately finish well, remember that the offering is in the heart. No matter how well we can do something, or how talented we may be, it is our hearts that express our gratitude to our God. We are so grateful to God, not only for our name, which is our identity and our purpose, but for allowing us the opportunity to be welcomed by you into your hearts. We cherish that privilege and will continue to do our best to bring wonderful music and healing to our world. We are Right Hand Shade. We love God, and we serve a King who is the Shade at our right hand. Ever present, ever faithful, ever ours. God bless you this week, as you claim your name that He has given you. It is surely a beautiful name.


Photo Cred: Alyssa Puig Photography and DGL Production (Dylan Levernoch) 

Additional Photos & Videos by DGL Production & Anthony Di Biase Photography 

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