Want to hang out with Right Hand Shade and some of your closest friends? If so, a house concert could be the perfect opportunity to share music, laughs and memories in the comfort of your own home. These intimate shows allow listeners to share the music in a more relaxed setting. We will tailor a stripped-down, acoustic set of original tunes and the stories behind them. 


  • All you have to do is provide a living room or area with enough space for your guests to sit and enjoy the music and some snacks. We provide the sound equipment and tunes!


  • We love playing for cozy, relaxed house shows just as much as big, packed auditoriums, so size does not matter when it comes to a house concert. 

  • The number of guests, start time, length of the show, and drinks/snacks are up to you! It's all about connecting through the songs, and we love answering questions about their creation.

When it gets down to it, it's a party with your favorite guests and live music! If you're ready to get started, fill out the contact form below and our team will be in touch to nail down all the details. 


Photo Cred: Alyssa Puig Photography and DGL Production (Dylan Levernoch) 

Additional Photos & Videos by DGL Production & Anthony Di Biase Photography 

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