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Thank you for your inquiry about booking Right Hand Shade for your organization! We would love to share a bit more about what we offer and see if we are a good fit for your event. We have had the privilege of touring the six states of New England extensively, which has allowed us to tailor a variety of programming to fit the needs of the venues we play. 



•           RHS offers everything from a simple, stripped-down acoustic set to a full creative rock concert production of original material (with our own team providing production - sound, lights, and media; we travel with our own backline & frontline equipment). We love to share the stories behind our original songs. 

•           For church settings, we also provide nights of worship or lead today’s top current worship music in congregational settings (including music from Bethel, Elevation, Hillsong, Vertical Worship, Jesus Culture, Passion, Mosaic, etc.) at weekend services, conferences, youth rallies or camps, and retreats. 

•           Creative outreach events including our Christmas musical production “A Not-So-Silent Night”, a celebration including popular carols and original tunes that will leave you singing throughout the season! 

•           We have performed and are comfortable in a variety of settings including churches, large-scale festivals (including main stages), youth rallies, special events, coffeehouses, outdoor beach amphitheaters, youth camps, schools/universities, private events, television programs, and more.

•           While we work hard to be excellent entertainers, we are a ministry-focused band; our main focus is to connect people spiritually in an authentic, current and relevant way. We use high energy production/entertainment elements (videos, lighting programs, and fog/haze machines for ambiance), and times of ministry & storytelling to accomplish this. Upon request, we partner with speakers to provide a full conference experience.

•           We tailor each event to meet the needs of the people who will be in attendance. We consult with every venue in advance to assure your event is a memorable success.

(Please fill out all fields completely in order to facilitate your request)

Thank you for filling out our form. This will help us determine whether Right Hand Shade is a good fit for your event. The information above is used for scheduling purposes only. A member of our team will get back to you at our earliest opportunity.  This is simply a request form and does not confirm an event. 


With regard to pricing, we tailor each event to meet the needs of the venue. Each event requires different arrangements. These may include (but are not limited to): Deposit, honorarium, travel, lodging, and meals. In the case of a confirmation, further details (instrument input list, stage plot details, run list, etc.) will be made available and included with a final ministry commitment and associated rider. 

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