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Freedom Advocates In the Bio section of our website, we'll take an excerpt of one of the passages written there, and further flesh out the meaning of 'Freedom Advocates.' We refer to this passage: The name ‘Right Hand Shade’ was born out of a desire to see all people find their peace under the shadow of the right hand of God. We are freedom advocates strictly focused on proclaiming that Jesus desires to draw all people closer to Himself. Our prayer is that whoever finds themselves in contact with us in any way would experience a closeness with God that brings peace, safety and wholeness.” A beautiful definition of Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. And one definition

The Right Hand Shade of God

The Shade at God's Right Hand As a band, it is not lost on us the honor we have been given to sing of the Lord's goodness and to share our music. We are Right Hand Shade. There is a story behind our name. One that we hope will compel all who read this to pursue God, and to know that He is close. As close as your right hand, and the shade which falls upon it. A shade of protection, of love, and of faithfulness. We see throughout Scripture that people were given names for a reason. A name is more than just an arrangement of letters that sound good. A name is a prophecy, a birthright, a claim to belong. It is precious, and to be protected and honored. Our name is as treasured. Our name, Right H


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