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Dan Elliott was raised in New Hampshire, the state that ranks as one of the least religious in the country. Raised in the church, knowing Christ for almost twenty years, and living in community with people of all walks of life, Dan has come to understand there is more that brings us together, than separates us. Dan holds a deep understanding that religion itself is not viable, and in fact, is divisive and rigid. His goal and his mission is to bring the Gospel to a world in need of acceptance and hope. Equipped with excellent communication skills, Dan is a gifted speaker and has a unique ability to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. His interests are varied and include sports, music and most of all, people. An author, former Campus Pastor and now a Youth Director, as well as a student of people, Dan has found himself in situations where his skills and God's Providence have allowed him to offer life-saving assistance to others. An avid basketball player through high school to now coaching in the present day, Dan finds the court a good reflection of his life's work. Leadership, teamwork, and an ability to help others develop their skills and find their niche are some of his favorite things to do. Dan is a traveling motivational speaker who brings good humor, positive interaction with his audience, and God's love wherever he goes. Dan is about the person as he is about God. His favorite thing to do is to introduce others to the satisfaction of a life well-lived, and how they can fulfill God's best in their own lives.

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